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Graphics: Gossip Girl, Fashion, and Veronica Lake Icons

I was cleaning out my ~inspiration~ folder today, and decided to make icons of some of my favorite pictures.

12 Gossip Girl (Blair & Serena)
17 Fashion (runway, backstage, editorial)
11 Veronica Lake


001002003 004
005006007 008
009010011 012
013014015 016
017018019 020
021022023 024
025026027 028
029030031 032
033034035 036
037038039 040

Icon table by angelamaria
Pictures from L-Meester.Org, Style.Com, foto_decadent, and Fanpix

• Credit effulgency if you use any of the icons
• Please, please, please don't hotlink
• Textless icons are not bases--you can only modify these if you ask me first
• Don't steal :(
• Enjoy!

Tags: actress:veronica lake, art:graphics, art:icons, fandom:fashion, fandom:gossip girl

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