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Fic: Fanfic50 Prompt Table

I may be going a little bit insane(r). I just applied to claim Buffy Summers over at fanfic50. So yes, I will be writing a monstrous 50 Buffy-centric fics. We'll see if I survive. I seriously need to stop claiming things and signing up for challenges. It's like a disease, I tell you!

001.Temptation 002.Addiction 003.Greed 004.Faith 005.Delusional
006.Innocence 007.Stained 008.Procrastinate 009.Dirty 010.Lie
011.Forgive 012.Lose 013.Want 014.Bury 015.Choke
016.Burn 017.Change 018.Regret 019.Slip 020.Smirk
021.Fragile 022.Secret 023.Past 024.Fantasy 025.Enough
026.Dream 027.Waste 028.Hope 029.Note 030.Hug
031.Passion 032.Hold 033.Right 034.Wrong 035.Strong
036.Wind 037.Paranoid 038.Moment 039.Song 040.Touch
041.Shake 042.Psychic 043.Spirit 044.Magick 045.God
046.Ghost 047.Belong 048.Tear(s) 049.Drown 050.Writers' Choice

Wish me luck!

Tags: claim:buffy summers, community:fanfic50, fandom:btvs, other:prompt table, writing:fanfic

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